Agni Kashmir Lyrics

Maybe I was born to write down this song
Of lands known far and wide
And stories bygone
It's all about this place white mountains embrace
Cold winds moving by
Move down treetops with grace

Where the valleys out in green
they're crying out of the scene
bringing colours of true love
To the people beneath

And when I think of all the times bygone
She's been just losing till the end of her life
Can you turn around - Give peace a chance
Give me back this land of mine
I said wake up through the night
Wake up to the morning light
Wake up realise
It's taken down from Paradise

Located on the edge or the top of this nation
Like a drop of sunlight or is it Nature's creation
Where the rivers run cold in rhythmic recitation
It's the land of the ice, peace and meditation
Then would come the time
In the middle of the night
Man did turn to fight for the wrong or right
He would blow it down the ground
Paint it with red and make the innocent man the victim of lead
And a scream would then be heard across a thousand miles
It's the scream of mother of one
She's screaming out now for her child

And when I think.........

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