Blitzkid Bad Luck Lyrics

Here we stand amongst the ruins of apocalyptic times
It's no longer easy for us to try to survive
Because they've taken over everything
And they're beating down my door
Bloodthirsty this undead breed
Can sense what hides behind: LIFE!

Can we escape? Can we make it through another day?
Can we ignore warning shadows passing by the door?
I used to have a family and I used to have close friends
Now my lone companion is this shotgun in my hand
No, it doesn't keep me warm at night
That's what memories are for
But they stand outside my window pane
With clenched teeth and open sores
Can we escape? Can we make it through another day?
Is there any hope inside at all?
Or will it be mankind's curtain call?

They're all dead, they lie in wait tonight
To feast upon my body and my soul
They're all dead. They'll have their way this time
Because I've given up on my sense of control

Now if you asked me months ago
If I'd be praying for the end
I would say you're crazy and
Try my best to just pretend
That all is fine, I gave it time
And now I watch the dim sun rise
And I treat it like it's the last day I'll ever be alive
Because it is.

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