Cause For Alarm Time To Try Lyrics

the way that we feel is not too good
we're tired of being pushed around doing what we should had enough s___ and your thought direction
had enough of your rules gonna make a few corrections so we gotta stick together it's the only way to do
it if we fight each other then we already blew it
the price of things gets us annoyed
cause some of us work but we're mostly unemployed can't afford what we need so
we go out and steal it then we shoot it in our arms... oh man can you feel it
fighting to live be constructive f___ed up world thats so destructive
now, you're talking about a third world war
and i'd just like to know what the f___
for f___ ronald reagan
and his f___ing reaganomics when i have trouble reading the sunday comics never
got what i wanted and i want to know why so come on people... its time to try it's
time to try it's time to try.....

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