Jully Black / Demarco Sweat Of Your Brow Lyrics


Give Thanks
In your going and you coming uh,
Uh, give thanks
Could be worse
Ha, ha...


Give thanks to almighty
For all little things
Sometimes we give up on the little man to quickly
We have food in our bellies
Even when the phones don't ring
Our roof ain't leaking
So it's time for us to sing


Hey ay, hey ay, hey ay, hey ay,
And even when it ain't going on
You gotta still keep being strong
You best believe it...

Hey ay, Hey ay, hey ay, hey ay,
And even when things just seem to change
I know that one thing still remains
I have to say....


By the sweat a yuh brow you will eat bread
If you know say yuh love god
Step to the right
Step to the left
(Come on)


Get rid of your worries
Don't try to justify
The one who giveth can taketh at anytime
Enjoy all your struggles
And appreciate the plight
Cause when darkness turns to light
Everything will be all right




Repeat 2X
Keep movin'
Keep movin' on
Keep cruzin'
Keep Cruzin' on
Keep Groovin'
Keep Groovin' on
Keep movin', movin', movin on.
Hey Hey,
Hey Hey


I like to move It move it
You like to move it move
I like to move it!
You like to move it move

Chorus 2X

(Jully Black, L. Owens, K. Mack, Erick Morillo, Mark Quashie, Collin DeMarco Edwards)

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