Tofu Love Frogs Prime Time Crime Lyrics

Prime-time crime on the telly tonight
Granny's getting mugged lads having a fight
Heat sensor helicopters catching the thief
Cops keeping us safe oh what a relief
Live telly crime and there ain't no doubt
You're a fool if you go out
A victim like you what can you do
Except double lock your doors and check your windows through
Out your house and in your car
Properly protect your property you know you are
Responsible if you come to harm
Take proper precautions get the locks and the alarms

If your going out never go alone
Hurry from work back 10 your home
There's probably a gang and they're probably on crack
You bet they want to stab you in the back

When you're back well it's telly time
There's a pepsi sponsored program into organised crime
The face of a man who forged a credit card
Pick up the phone grass him to the yard

Oh my god I can't see
How you can ensure your personal safety
The streets of London seemed safe enough to me
Until I saw them on TV

Your a victim waiting to be victimised
Prime time crime program waiting to be televised

Cross the road keep your head to the floor
Remembering when folks respected the law
Who's that fella looking at you over there
He's a homicidal maniac who'll kill you and wouldn't care

Live telly crime.......

Out your house and pray to the Lord
You can grass your neighbour for a CAT reward
Neighbourhood watch committee oh what fun
On telly last night the thugs had guns

If you're going out..

Oh Mickey what a pity you don't understand
They're trying to give us a scare to keep us in hand
As long as they can keep you in fear of the street
Our real enemies will never get the heat

Oh my god...

Your a victim waiting to be victimised
Prime time crime program waiting to be televised

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