Dominici King Of Terror Lyrics

The huge explosion is explained on the news.
There has been a nuclear attack in the Middle East.
Nations turn from working together to national defense.
Final nuclear world war is breaking out.

So sad the story like a dream
Millions of voices suddenly turned to steam

The final battle has begun
A wanton war that won't be won
Mothers clutch their wailing child
The fig tree burns; their tiny cries can't be calmed

Raining fire from the sky
Arrows that hold the power of the sun
Like ants they scramble for their homes
The fragile walls cannot keep out the storm

Raging waters wash all hope away
All can hear a sound
Like oceans crashing down

Whenever the wind blows for 7 years
Nothing can grow, everything dies
Littering roads with still glowing bones
Find one, you'd better leave it alone

Great cities fall one by one
All Leaders call "Johnny get your gun"!
The little man takes the world stage
Still denying his deployment of the rage

The Snake snorts, spouting lies
The Eagle descends and plucks out his eyes
Overnight the world is changed
A viscous vengeance in the false prophets name

Fires light the sky
For all to see
One thousand years of peace
A naive fantasy

Radioactive the seven seas
Poison will flow, and ebb with the tide
Disrupted food chains all that is needed for life to survive
Gone in the blink of an eye

The King of Terror... the Anti-Christ
We must destroy him...join the fight
His hand 200 million strong
Descends upon you. Join the fight
Send the children... your tender young
Sacrifice them...join the fight

200 million, marching...join the fight
Women, children, crying...join the fight
Hopeless Heroes, dying...join the fight
The snake is snorting, lying...join the fight

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