Aviation How I Feel Lyrics

Uh yea Avi, come and take a walk with me
Yea, I'm gonna tell you exactly how i feel
It goes a lil something like this...
Uh yo uh, imagine living life, everythangs going wrong
I try to remain sane and i try to be strong
But worst turns to worst its not gettin better
My thoughts stay enclosed like an unopened letter
And now i don't even wanna strive for success
Sometimes i'd rather just take five to the chest
I'll ride on you next if you talk like you know me
Sometimes i feel like imma forever be lonely
No one to hold me got no one to trust
I wanted to be smooth and it all is so rough
Move on, get better, stay up and maintain
That's what they all say but they aint in my brain
They don't know the pain don't know the half
Subtract happiness from my life you'll know the math
And that's just the truth, what i speak is so factual
And people think i'm lucky cause they say that my rapping's cool
I don't give a f___ i'd give it all away
If the inside i could just feel happy everyday
But that won't ever happen cause i'm destine to be cursed
Until the day i die and i'm dressed up in a herse
People look and say "The kid has it made"
But people they don't know there is no sun only shade
How can i behave when my smiling days are gone
How can i behave now my whiling(?) days is on
I do whatever, f___ whatever, whenever
Imma do it and do it until its all better
That might be never, then never will i ever be better
Cause imma start playing games clever as ever
Never say never, thats what they all told me
Now im saying never cause you f__gots don't know me
So try to take a walk inside of my mind
If you guess it gets f___ed up i've decided your blind
No time for writing a pound or sittin events (?)
So listen to my words when i spit its intense
And everything you say it has no relevence
Runnin your mouth speaking without intellegence
The base line is gone its time to tell you how i feel
It feels like im in hell dude, now protect it (?)
My mind is racing, Now i rack it
It's time im chasin
Chill before you all jump to conclusions
Listen to this song it is not an illusion
This is really real, it's how i really feel
If anyone of you is really real then feel me
Uh, feel me, and that's it like what
Mixed Minds

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