Sean Keane Home away from home Lyrics

I didn't sleep at all last night,
I stayed up 'til the dawn,
Banging out the jigs and reels 'til everyone had gone,
Singing some old shut-eyed songs I hadn't sung for years,
Knocking back the brandy and the beer.


Back across the ocean to my home away from home
I'm Glad to be returning but sad to have to go
I'd like to find a way to be two places at one time
It's easy going back again but it's hard to say goodbye

I had one bag too many just as I was set to leave
I was loaded down with bacon and with sausages and tea
And I couldn't find my ticket as I'm walking out the door
'Til I emptied all my bags out on the floor.


On board the plane I sip a drink while waiting for the meal,
Just trying not to let my head know how my stomach feels.
There's a baby right behind me making sure that I won't sleep
And the flight's too full to find another seat.


I fell asleep at last just as the plane is touching down
And I age ten years just waiting for the bags to come around
And I make it home at last and I'm barely un-packed when
I'm already making plans to go again.


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