Sono & Phonique All those city lights Lyrics

The feeling is numb
Among theese multicoloured walls
This time has become
Upon of all my acusations
Lookin' around
I'm tryin' hard to read the signs
Why is the thruth ?
Always in theese wings of life...
And as I drive
The night is fallin'
Creepin' and crawlin' into every 'me' away
And all those city lights
Are boughted in the nights
They 're tryin' to seduce me
And all those city lights
They still hurt my eyes
They're tryin' to confuse me
The city speaks
The language I don't understand
They're hearing our thoughts
Something got lost in translation
So I'll go home
Where I go no one can tell
Do you belïeve?
I'm strong enough to break the spell

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