Nektar Questins And Answers Lyrics

Remember the Future - Part 2
Bluebird decides to give the boy new eyes. The boy realizes now who his friend is. He asks questions and makes suggestions and in turn receives from Bluebird wisdom and the answer to every question. Bluebird then departs knowing that his message had at last been heard.

I can see you
I can hear you
I can see it all when I look into your eyes
I can sense it all when I look into your skies
I can see, oh I can feel
You are me and that's the way
It has to be, you are me

I can feel it all when I look behind your smile
I can hear it all when I look behind your mind
I can sense, oh I can feel
You are me and that's the way
It's always been, you are me

Bluebird what do you see
Bluebird what do you feel

I feel everything, I see life, I see the stars
And I can't care for anything

Bluebird where have you been
Bluebird what have you seen

I've been everywhere
I've seen all around
And I can't warn against anything

Smile if you want to
Not when you can
Break down if you want to
Not when you can
Follow me home 'cos tomorrow
Tomorrow never comes

you stand before me Fate in your right hand
You say tomorrow will never begin
Follow me home 'cos today is tomorrow yesterday

Walking down lonely roads
what do I see
Won't be long till they come and get me

Name that place, name mine too
Where will we be
Won't be long till they crucify me

Here they come
See them run, watch them go now

I can see you through the morning mist
and the evening too
I can hear you getting closer now to the living truth
you say life has no end
but believe me you've go to pretend
Because I can see you coming closer now to the living truth
Let it grow, someday you're gonna let it show

I can see you come close to me
And I'll tell you true
I can feel you listen carefully to what I say to you
I tell you life has no end
There's no need for you to pretend
'Cos you see you, believe yourself that's all you have to do
and let it grow, somehow you gotta let it show

You know that I can't stop it
you know, you know that I

Let it grow, you know you need no sympathy
You don't realize how much you needed me
you will never realize it's better when you give
"Cos your life is longer than you live"
The laws of nature are to heal the wounds of man
Use them right and they will help you if they can
Wrongly used and you'll only harm yourself
Then it's too late to come to me for help
Don't walk away give it a chance
Let it grow

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