Many Things Untold A World Apart Lyrics

You talk to me,
I'm hearing something else.

A world apart.
You're not the same person I knew, not anymore,
I can't talk, talk the way, I talked before.

No matter what may be prevailed,
Ready we are to rejoice in words.
(I grabbed the needle, tried to sew you shut)
(The cuts too deep, your beyond repair.)
(I grabbed the needle tried to sew you shut)
(The cuts too deep).

Your relentless,
You won't let it go,
You were always like this,
For this I know, this is literally the end of it,
f___ this, I can't take this, I cant take this.

You're walking away covering the tracks
Don't try to follow me.
Cut the noose I will break the shackles,
Let's leave this predicament.
Look who's laughing now.

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