Disgorge Mex Rancid Bowel Sarcoma Lyrics

rotting defleshed incarnosia minch
liynph excraving hobo stench reek
exploring on peeled pubic pukes
I ramming my d___ in your hole

splitting grabing oesophagist sogs
gariliac paenemic chunky cannals
consumed on broken faeces
your organs melting in my stomach
virgin systems of digestion munched

clinning waste
in my slithering sodomy
suprapubical necrotic scrotal suffering

remained on
pedophiling bizarre

all flesh freezing toracical endo genitallia
facial nerves diluyng on pulp deformia

gribled wasted
unborn grotesque deranged
torturing dark putrid tissues
menstruoparasites on lepral burst
excruciating eruption of severed glibs
rectocellia laping splatting sherds
dehiscenced broweds rancid buffets

the pubic structures pro lapses in rupture
smells of desintegrated skulls on purulent lard
prunctured retro plasming innards breakage
boling on genetical aftermathing wrist

carbuncular neo cervyx
immerse of urine
slurping r_____ thrombose in repugnance

in disgust
y rancid regurgitate
violent engorgement
blasted on anatomy

stiff endo sarcoma grinning bursted
lurk of perverse
swarming vile
recto macerated nausea
undinicism breaking on suppure stench
vitreobactereology infesting the crabia
strangled myo cavernosa purulence
uretra completly full of reeking shreds
critycal pro indigested
gut in rancid fluyds
horrid pircing in phallus
chewed pus

formed bowel of ulcerous fluyds
anoplasmical deform saturated of oxidisied
ferocious disgorge depraving in your body
swollen larynxpurulence cyst

all porously flesh on dislocated grim
your insides on crepitating scrubs
i'm your cure
in your perverse disease
filling you in mastication

i'm meeting my real antropophagist desire

my climax
is totally fulfied
and the smell of my creation
grubs in perverse


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