Stiff Little Fingers No Sleep Till Belfast Lyrics

No Sleep 'til Belfast
5 years on we're still the same
f___ing useless with the same old name
Bored of this life and you are too
Thought that we'd try something new
Now we've decided to rap tonight
But all we came up with was this ol 's___e
Inflammable material planted in my head
It's a suspect device that's left 2000 dead

No Sleep 'til Belfast
No sleep 'til Belfast

See the boys drink boots of lager
f___ the car, into the Lagan
See the hoodlums scream and rock
Act like you don't give a f___
Henry, Dolphin, Jake, Ali
All together we're SLF
Now you're ready to feel the noise
Listen to the Stiff Little Beastie Boys

No Sleep 'til Belfast
No Sleep 'til Belfast
Alright Henry's gonna wheel some hot guitar at ya
No Sleep 'til Belfast
No sleep 'til Belfast
No Sleep 'til Belfast
No Sleep 'til the Ulster Hall

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