Project Pat Cheese and Dope Lyrics

[Project Pat]

Out here slanging on this blade prayin that I don't get cut
by these police making raids, jumping out and checking nuts
cutting b____ down to cuns, babbage weed is in my lungs
n____ stiff me for a bag, I'ma shoot himm in his a__
I'ma show 'em who the boss, when you n____z gonna learn
When you cross in this game, then yo a__ will get burned
Wait my turn, or my time rock for rock, for the dime
Takin' fair chance after chance, but I got to dance
to the rules of this s___, that's why I keep a revolver
How the hell you robbers gonna rob the robber?
Boy I'm gonna scar ya with pistol slapped cross mouth
Reachin in ya pockets, and take yo money out
Mane you now whats goin'~ you got cheese, I got dope
For da 900th strong, I got p'z, I got c__e
ain't no credit give mayne you could get from round here
n____s robbing, n____s banging, n____s slangin' down here


I got cheeeese, hoez, and a bunch of f___ing dope
I got p'z, c__e, and some killaz at tha do'
hydro weeeeeed smoke, and a quarter ounce of blow
What you neeeeeeed mo', is to f___ wit yo boy

[Project Pat]
Quarter bird what's the word? For you dog, it's da low
Sellin me babbage weed but you want the purest snow
I'ma go, I'ma pull, me a rabbit out a hat
Out some cane mixed with sugar and some killaz strapped wit gats
Always trying to be slick, you done stepped in some s___
You done broke ghetto laws, you could tote a f___in jaws
Wit me boy, yean know, cause the streets never lies
Walk right up on yo a__, shoot right between the eyes,
you be stankin' wit the flies
walking around on chrome, wit yo b____, smokin' dro

f___ing all in yo home, while ya kissing on her lips,
She be sucking on my d___, flip and flop, on the bank system booms as I dip
Through the streets of da hood, north memphis hollywood
Represent it, to da max,

I'm just out here stating facts
Trying to stack me some pape's, got my foot on you snakes
I'm gon squeeze on some lead for you n____s that are fake

[chorus 2x]

You could duck from the tech, out tha Escalade (caddilac)
Once I get my cheese on a roll, then I must get paid
If you want to come against me dawg, bring your whole brigade
but you shall get sliced, like a dog, with a swisher blade
Sippin' on some Paul A. Mousson, like some sweet kool-aid
Strapped with me, an automatic gun, don't you violate
n____ said he'd snitch on me dawg, I didn't hesitate
Caught him, in the projects one day, sent him to his grave
Playaz wanna come through the hood, but they got the fear
Knowing it ain't all to the good, you could get it here
Wrong place, at the wrong time, calling "sip" let's go
Dope fiends keep me on the map and my pockets swole
Eyes red a__ hell, cuz I ain't had a lick of sleep
Snorted a quarter ball, so that U, could stay on my feet
Trick's in this b____, just as same as a n____ too
If you trusting hoes in this game, you'se a dammn fool..

[chorus till end]

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