Project Pat 90 Days Lyrics


verse 1:
it was a hot summers night i was kickin it with gangsta.. fred out at hide park
rollin chasin paper.known we keep tha best of green so you know i'm
smokin,lotta n____z out here clean so you know i'm scopin.i aint wit that
scuffin s___, or wit being broken,waitin for a sucka to stick, yeah thats what
i was hopin.spotted me a n____,candy paint a hundred spokin,sippin on his
liquor wit that blowface on that c__in,bullets they will burn just like lava
that is molten,you victims will learn to resist'll get ya croakin.always kept a
thang and bandana never knowin,when i have ta git my mayne,pull em out and poke
em,all up in ya grill ya drops it off,cuz i have spoken, i know that your
sick,but lets not git ya momma mopein,s_____ed him out tha car hit tha gas dawg
it's hissin,he down came on down, but out his head a patch was missin.

chorus:repeat 2x
90 days at tha penna farm(that aint s___)3 bags and a firearm(that aint
s___)bogus tags and a bench warrant(that aint s___)police all at my mommas
home(that aint s___)

verse 2:

left tha car weeks behind cypress garden projects,east memphis where we make
the stang, and thats to far bet,n____ hit up fred for some rims, he said
whatcha like,sold em to our n____ bigga mayne out at mitchell heights,made tha
quicky change then we went and bought a pound pound,straight ta gangstaz house
with no remorse we broke it down down,20 dollar bags all in north memphis serve
em up,ridin wit these bogus tags,mayne we aint givin a f___,map core on chelsea
ave seen tha sucka that we got,we done sold a bag to his patna now he lookin
hot,raisin up a pistol dawg and n____ started blastin, i returned tha favor,
you know me no questions askin,donuts in tha lot tha n____z pulled off we got
blocked in,i hopped out tha car seen tha police and threw the glock the
garbage can, they did'nt see me but they caught a n____ wit them three bags
gangsta fred wit his steel trigga,

chorus: repeat 2x

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