Project Pat Fight Lyrics

Fight (*x67*)
We gon' fight up in this b____ (*x16*)

(Project Pat)
Swang a fist at ya b____ and I swear I'm crackin jaws
When I'm high and I'm lit aw to hell wit them laws
I ain't givin a got d___ you got beef then I'm launchin
In tha streets them bullets in tha club b____ I'm punchin
Muhafuckas lights out cave a suckas skull in
n____s in here mad but they betta tuck they mugs in
Boys run they mouth and eat up more s___ than a goat
Represent tha south and knock ya gold grill down ya throat
Liquor and dat white pump ya up like ya Hercules
I'ma be polite you get wrong we gon beat ya please
Don't you be excused Mr. Bennett I'ma put you in it
You came wit them dudes yall done started but we gonna finish
f___in off wit lames in this club f___in night off
You got ugly on ya face we gon' beat it right off
Overheard a n____ sayin that he wanna jack me
I ain't worried about it cause this tone s gonna back me

(Chorus x2)

(Project Pat)
Who tha buckest up in here Who tha buckest up in here
My n____ my hood so you cowards betta fear
Mane you hoes don't wanna clown if you do we beat ya down
On you let bullets spray parkin lot its going down
Startin s___ pullin n____s cards playin goldfish
b__pin one of us and we gon whoop you like you our b____
Pay attention muhfucka we clickin like a gun
Mobbin on you punk suckas mane this ain't one on one
Cause its more like ten on two eyes red marijuana
He put up a fight so we gon beat him in a coma
n____ constantly beckin so he caught some of this drama
Just a few days lata pine box to his mama
A Moet bottle is a nice lil head jamma
Slap you in ya dome bust yo s___ like a sledgehammer
Ramma jamma we is doin damage to a busta
Give a d___-a who'll violate you m____fuckas

(Chorus x2)

(Project Pat)
You can step right on up we layin smack down
Now we don't give a f___ cause we gon' crackdown
On you hoes who'll suck and ridin n____s nuts
Playas all in tha club and chargin these s___s
n____s don't wanna buck that ain't what ya need
Beat his a__ to a pulp and took all his weed
Pocketknife you get stuck jailhouse Pop-a-lar
In ya back in ya guts on ya head droppin ya
Swellin eyes bustin lips just like Thunderdome
In da car extra clips you won't make it home
Treatin you like a b____ cause that's what ya is
Cut blood out yo wig playa can you dig
Plastic surgery scalpin like an engine
Don't be testin me mane yo eye get blackened
Neva will miss a week I'ma keep it hood style
If ya down for ya street throw some bows get it wild

(Chorus x2)

I'ma whoop this b____ (why) cause I don't like him (x8)
Fight (repeated til end)

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