Marco Sison Always Lyrics

Woman, I will love you always
And I, promise I'll give you the best
My love, you mean more than life to me
And I, love you more than words can say

Refrain 1:
You, you'll be the only one
That I'll love for always
Forever to cherish
I want you close to me
And hold you endlessly
And feel you girl in my arms

You, yes you are my sunshine
You are the reason I breathe for
And there's nothing I want more

Refrain II
I need you,
I need to have you in my life
I want you always by my side
Now and for always.

Whisper these words to me
That we would always be,
Together, just you and me forever

I want to spend with you
Baby my whole life through
Every moment loving you

I want to give all my love
My heart, my soul, my life
Everything that I am

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