Chris LeDoux One Less Tornado Lyrics

Billy John grew up just west of Waco
He'd bare knuckle fight just for fun
He was as wild as a Texas tornado
And a bull ridin' son of a gun
Then one Saturday night down in Jasper
He drew a bull they called Dust Devil Rage
And that twenty-two hundred pound hammer
Laid Billy John in his grave

Now there's one less tornado in Texas
And a saddle that's empty tonight
There's one hell of a cowboy in Heaven
At that big rodeo in the sky
Ohh that big rodeo in the sky

My granddaddy rode in the thirty's
He must have really been somethin' back then
'Cause all of my life I've heard stories
About the buckle he didn't quite win
Although he never got over his losing
He's a bonafied hero to me
And Lord knows I'm sure gonna miss him
But I know he's in good company


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