Christina Rosenvinge Glue Lyrics

Momy was a weitress dress in tangerine
she found dady in a can of sardines
liquid boy, you know all the stories
it'a been there since the first cold morning.
So Blue blue blue
gonna try with glue
baby is dry dry dry
i hate you when you cry
no more bitter cherry juice
give me something that i can't lose.
I was raised by hungry dogs and spiders
that is why my legs are long, but hairy
where i live people dont get married
we have fun
throwing stones to ferries.
Will you think of me?
at the end of summer
when nights are so clean
they beat you like a hammer
blue blue blue
gonna try with glue
dry dry dry
I hat you when you cry
thick thick thick
sometimes kind of sweet
blue blue blue
bluer than the zoo.

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