South Park Mexican You Know My Name Lyrics

You know my name
I'm the one that came up out the dope game
I've paid my dues and kept my cool
I'm the one that told your kid to stay in school
I'm from the streets
Thank god for rap
I creep through my hood in a smoke gray 'llac
Contridiction on my chest, Versace on my clothes
I got too many too many heh YO
I'm shakin bakin cookies turnin rookies into Vets
I used to see my dreams through a foggy Pyrex
My Lex is outside plus I got a 64
But my Benz is wrapped up around a telephone pole
I'm drippin' candy wet and I'm swangin' 84s
Nothin' but the screw bangin' in my radio
I'm blowin' miss mary and I'm sippin' on sherry
Give my homie's mama money for his commisary
My name is..


South Park Mexican

Heh yo
Pass the greenery tweedle lee tweedle la
Livin' like a king feel the steam in my spa
Before I walk gotta teach myself to crawl
I started off small now I'm stronger than the law
You know my name I'm SPM
In this rap game I'm the creme ala creme
I tell you what it is
And I'll tell you what it was
Exotic foreign minx and imported Asian rugs
Police at my door fedaralis on my phone
I guess I'm makin' too much money with my microphone
I did my time
No sunshine
It seems like they only wanna handcuff mine


Uh I used to be a shoe shiner
Now I sip Aunt Jamima
I go to sleep in Europe and wake back up in China
I take 'em break 'em down represent that H-Town
Carlos el Mexicano
in english Charlie Brown
My top is on drop and my trunk is on pop
My girl is snow white in the form of a rock
My hot block is in this in this rap I break a guiness
Blowin' in dough rollin' 20 dolla pinnas
Dancin with the wolves in my Southern side hood
Got seven brick houses all made out of wood
I'm either at the park where my homie's shootin' jumpas
or in the limosuine gettin' freaked by head huntas
you know my name

Chorus til end

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