Demiricous Repentagram Lyrics

Trample onto the voyage - travel as forest fire.
Through the wreckage down the spine - facing your utmost obscene.
Inner earthquake running amok as the seasons drip through the skin.
Cold you are - one foot in the coals - the sight demands your sight.

First Impression's paralyzing the sight of one's own soul.
Poisoning depressing mouth with epidemic smile.
The past is present - death ballad setting abortion like tones.
Scabs of your impurities presented for your review.

(Chorus x2)
A nightmare colored vulture falls -
It Falls!! - it wraps you in it's sleep.
Prosthetic words are spit listen -
Listen!! - you are your own worst enemy.

Castrated callous ideas - mercy like no other is the medicine - medicate!!
Your very own civil war right before your eyes - possessed by your own revenge.
Wearing the badge of the a__hole.
Misery is unrestrained nausea exploding - carrion peeling back - Brain is turning inside out.
p___ing Blood - wreaking s___. So on with the disaster.

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