Embraced Memento of Emotions Lyrics

Oh beloved one
You have given me precious memories
Which I will always remember
You are and shall forever be in my dreams
My everything...
You seduced me and found the key to the portal
The portal that leads
To the very depth of my heart
With a sweet caress
You opened the gate of eternal l___
My everything...

In a divine spell I was held
Almost as in a fairytale
Embraced by your love, body and l___
My everything...

...Deeper and deeper I sink
Into the mist of melancholy
Fragments of precious moments we had
In memory forever
In dreams and imagination

An everyday growing emptiness
Hurts as if a piece of my life has vanished
Dismal thoughts of desolation
Grieves in my mind

I cry tears in solitude
I cry my tears for the loss of my everything

The pain inside from a broken heart
Tears my soul apart
The greatest passion of all
Fading away

Forever lost...
Emotions which now
Only seem to exist in my dreams
Emotions which now seems to be
Forever lost

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