Raptile Handzup --=Saki4a=-- Lyrics



Chorus (2x)
My people I see you,
Hands up like we do,
Rock on, drop bombs

Verse 1
This is
Fire fire fire fire,
I ain't losin my calm,
I'm used to the drama,
I'm a god d___ top ten artist,
suicide bomber,
You don't want no drama baby,
Let me Jay-Z the track,
Dumb down and double the euros,
Who wants trouble with Europe's Golden Child,
F**ker is going down,
You slept on me too,
I guess you woke up now,
Baby,face it,Monstablokaz,
Got this crazy nation,
high like aviation,
But when I speak I'm honest,
Keep my promise,
Take the lead and put my people on it

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2
(Da Lioness)
Put em um put em up,
Put ya hands in so my eyes can see,
so I can feel you're love,
all you Raptilish peps,
Everybody see how we monsta-trackin,
Front to back,
It's constant clappin,
It's how we rippin the tough crowd,
We gettin enough power,
To flippin the f**k out(Oh s___),

It's the Monstatee(No s___),
Rap,Cron and Monsta Queen,
Style is grimy,
But I make it sweet,
Step out the sleeze,
If you can't take the heat,
If I'm big bone,
The one with skinny foes,
You'd still like to f**k me,
Like I was Jenny Lo.


Verse 3
Holy Christ,
The boy´s past nice,
it's only right,
Cronite gets a slice,
I'm hot like I just stepped outta sauna,
my hunger´s untameable like Willie Prada,
There´s nada,
You can tell me about the struggle,
And once I bubble,
the whole world's in trouble,
Salute the vet,
Europe's best kept,
the Depth-Injector´s back to ressurect rap,
F**k the wack,
Who got fat offa trash,
You want respect?,
Kiss my Croation a__!,
It´s the wrath of an outkast
so fresh so clean,
Sick, sicker, sickest kept in quarrantine


It´s So easy,
It´s crazy,
Rapzilla,killa killa killa

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