Outkast We Luv Deez Hoez Lyrics

[Hook: repeat 2X]

From the weave to the fake eyes
to the fake nails, down to the toes
Ha ha ha ha! We luv deez hoez
Ha ha ha ha! We luv deez hoez

[Big Boi]

Don't lie you love them, if you don't you like them hoez a whole lot
Just like your mama Sunday cookin' turkey necks in the pot
You ready to drop your load like prop planes be droppin' that cocaine
You ready to turn your fro, from natural straight to a cold wave
Dat hoe name Betty Big Shoez, she wore them Herman monster heels
Popped a pill, now she's in your Coupe De Ville, passenger seat
I made her eat my meat while I was rubbin' her coochie
Injection in her top and bottom lip straight from her booty
So Do Re, blow me, Fa So La Ti Da Ha I'm tellin' the truth
You suckin' your tooth you treatin' her like a star boy
>From a Figueroa to a herringbone
>From droppin' her off to takin' her home
She tried to pull my rubber off with her p____ muscles that was wrong
The b____ is no good like lesbians with no tongues
You f___ed around and knocked her up and now you say she the one
n____ you dumb, you should have pulled it out and squirted on her eyelash
And let her face be holdin' the baby, now she after yo a__!
Yeah, I told y'all n____z
about god d___ takin' them hoez to the Teacake Factory
Lettin' them hoez order strawberry lemonade and popcorn shrimps
They ain't goin' do nuthin'
but try to take all your m_________in' cheese! (Yeah!)

[Hook] 2x


Ay, ay, what's up lil' girl I see you workin' them Valente
She walk wit a fly Sashay
Look here say, I'm just a Fat Face I come through swervin' (ay, ay)
You love the way the leather grippin' your b___
Conversation kill 'em, drippin' em up
Relax Shawty, oh lordy, I quote the facts
Whippin' convertible with Daddy Fat Sax
I stay G sharp as a note of music
Call me fresh baked bread, make 'em brawd lose it
I'm just sayin' they just can't stand to see me execute game plan
I slow it down, she like it - speed it up
She polked it out, beat it up like that
Hit 'em from the back, bully quote the vocabulary

[Hook] 2x

[Big Gipp]

Yeah, yeah, Gipp keep it double loco
Met up in Café Intermezzo for some late night pasty
Conversation hasty cuz I was ready to dip
Sweatsuit velour so I ordered Kahlua
Fell in, hit her with the gun hose
Left her with the pokahose, got up and didn't say goodbye
Her face wrinkle up and froze
Why you leavin' so soon, supposed too
And ain't no question about that
They call me Big Gipp on the southside
Mr. Get Down in the vains so what's the word
Don't fall in love with good p____
Off the top better leave for two moths
Come back and pop "study the s___"

[Hook] 2x

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