Trick Daddy Bet That Lyrics

[Chorus: Trick Daddy]
Sittin high, still ridin dem big whips
Still fly, still grindin, getting big checks
Still thuggin, still leanin to the baaack, you can bet that
You can bet that I ride I shine, n____ you can bet that
I smoke, I drank boy you can bet that
22's, 24's all we roll...I'm a dope rider fa' sho

[Verse 1]
Everyday me and my dog we wylin
7-Tre 7-5 dope ridin'
And we ain't trippin' on nothin', just vibin'
Big 9 with me 'cuz a f___ n____ tried me
They already know, how I let him go
Kill his a__ and make sho' at his funeral
How the hell a O.B. gon' try me?
I'm O.G. on and off TV, see
Middle fingers in the air, tell 'em f___ yall
Tryin to hate on my dawgs, hell f___ nah
Why you hatin on a n____ like that
Why you tryin' to stab a n____ in his back
I know some n____z don't like this
But them n____z is the reason I'm like this
f___ n____z done made me mad
I'm 'bout to snap 'n' put this K on his a__


[Verse 2: Chamillionaire]
I pull up Bentleys, lookin like they not annoyed
Trunk popped up lookin like a Tonka Toy
If you dont like it you know can get that Almond Joy (What?)
Deez nuts n____, wuddup Trick, I got ya boy
I'm clickin' over, lemme tell her I got another call
Ridin' wit my trunk popped up like I'm "Above The Law"
Tires wet and n____ they still drippin' Armor-All
Tell me you gon' fall, and I ain't got to use the arm at all
Bet Daddy finna Trick 'em, finna flip the paper
Chamillinator, me and Trick we finna shred a hater
Tip the dinner waiter Trick 'em like we finna date her
Get off ya sleeves let 'em breathe like a ventilator
Hey, what can I say me and the King Of M.I.A
Finna, (Hey) finna touch ya n____z and ya finna pay
Stay wit it hey you we aint finna play
s_____ ya off the wheels and you can watch ya rims spin away


[Verse 3: Trick Daddy & (Goldru$h) - {both}]
(In the club wit my dogs we wylin'
Two straight coup grey dome ridin)
Look at cha boy go so many hoes
Look in his mouf he got so many gold
(Im sippin and I'm goin'
Whole click, that's how we rollin')
Stay fly, stay right if ya didn't know
(And that's everywhere that we go)
All I wanna do is
Drive my Chevy through years
And let 'em sweat the candy paint
Aint it right?, ain't it tight?, ain't it nice?, yes
n____z like, "Who painted that?"
Candy apple green, lookin mean anywhere
Tweety seat with the digital dash
And a swat just right in the a__
{They wanna know what I got in here
I got s___ when it hit betta run 'em up outta here}
They ain't neva heard nuthin like that
And they ain't even turned the bass up yet
{I love aggressive music
I smoke, I listen to it}
I drank so much, sometimes I think I need to quit but I can't do it


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