Ja Rule The Manual Lyrics

[Ja Rule]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You talk too much s___
You know n____z always talkin bout b____es ain't s___
Money over b____es
But give all our money to the b____es any f___in way
(I love my b____) So I'ma send some love out
to the b____es, holla

[Verse One]
s___, here's somethin to remember
When we met that day in September
But, you've been gone since November
Had to finish out yo' last college semester
Her major - brokerage investor
She probably go broke tryin to invest her
time and money in somethin that she call love
Cause, she love f___in with thug n____z
That alwasy get high and had to be drug dealers
Eventually, she hooked up with some hood b____es
The hood b____es turned her on to strippin
Now the, gettin is good and it's well understood
That money on the wood can make things get harder
Be glad I'm not a pimp, if I was I'd charge ya
But for all that you go through, just thought I'd let you know
Hoes need love too, I'm f___in witchu

[Chorus: Ja Rule]
n____z need to read the man-u-al
To seperate your housewife from a hoe
Cause there's no rules to this s___ here
Am I makin myself clear?
What she don't know won't hurt her y'all
So keep big pimpin on the low
Cause there's no rules to what I do
And I know, hoes need love too

[Verse Two]
You know what they say right? b____es ain't s___
And all men are dogs cause we just wanna f___
Sundown to sun up, one up on a hoe
I might go down on the low, that's just me though
From L-A-X to Heathrow, I'm one of them n____z
that really doesn't need no, introduction
When I met her she was "Girl, Interrupted"
Grew up became a woman not to be trusted
Frustrated and flustered, living amongst
these thieves hoes and hustlers, I'm diggin what's next
She had a studio apartment in the projects
With her and her girl from D.C. used to bus checks
And hold the c__e, her n____z ain't sold yet
In hopes the copes don't know about all this
Shiiiiit, for all that you go through
Just wanna let you know, hoes need love too


[Verse Three]
Fake nails, fake b______, fake eyes too
It's oh-four, and that's kinda what we used to
But you don't holla back like you used to, but I ain't mad at cha
I'm happy for a b____, even if I can't have her
I remember when you was down in Atlanta
Workin gentlemen's clubs and you didn't even know what a gentlemen was
Forty to love and I wanna serve
That body like Serena's with less curves
But actions speak louder than words, and you gettin your money
Mami every month, 15th and 1st
s___ could be worse, you could be in the struggle
Or born with no a__ and have nothin to hustle
Go on flex your muscle, cause that ain't the case is it?
Go on get your paper keep flossin on these b____es
Cause for all that you go through
Just thought I'd let you know, hoes need love too, I'm f___in witchu

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Ja Rule]
Ha ha ha, yeah, Rule

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