Persuader Twisted Eyes Lyrics

You ask me if I have a god complex?
Let me tell you something
I am God

Rise and shine
Let your voice be heard
No one shall take the thing that's me
What I love to be

Blood on my altar
Death is my deception
Karma on zero
Redesigned in hell

In these flames I dwell

Twisted eyes are those you find
Screaming the words for mercy
No pity shown from a God
The fear in your eyes now gone

Believe me, obey me
I'm the punishing creator
Sifting for your kind
As I sculpture my own genocide
Last day of judgement
Your blood is gonna boil

They left you here, alone and afraid
Abandoned your soul into nowhere
Eye for an eye that's what I believe
No matter how hard I try
I'll make sure that you'll never be forgotten
I'll leave you here, my prey

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