Devourment Serial Cocksucker Lyrics

w____s that suck d___ for money
I will kill with no forgiveness
They need to be taught a lesson
In butchery

I will leave them dead and bleeding
After giving them a beating
With my hammer I will smash the teeth
Out of their f___ing face

These c___suckers will pay the price when
I f___ their faces with my knife
I will force my blade down their throats
As if it were my massive d___

The streets are filled with dirty w____s
I'll show them what that p____'s for
They'll be forced to drink the swill
That spews from my erection

You s___s I'll show you all the way to everlasting pain and torture
To take your lives is why I live, for your crimes you'll be butchered
You'll be forced to suffer through torture, you dead c__ dumpster b____es
I'll kill you all then throw your slaughtered a__es in the ditches

I need a prostitute to fill with my diseased liquid
Stalking the dark street corners I find a c___ that lives to suck the d___

I'll kill that dirty b____

I force that pig into my van and then I proceed to beat her
Blood spurts forth from every wound and splatters on me
With my knife I must sever her head and take it with me
She will now be forced to suck the c___
Fell the urge

Dead hookers fill my crawlspace, all of them decapitated
They have all gotten what they deserved, every single head I've m_________d
I won't stop until I have killed every s___ walking the streets
They will be punished for their ways, forever to suck d___s in hell

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