Blitzkid Lupen Tooth Lyrics

Of wolven breed I am and this creature am I
We're drawing down the moon asunder crimson skies
Bereft with l___ for the kill and pack loyalties
We are the brood, we are the few, moving black, swift and sleak...
Stalking and shapeshifting once again
As the disease grips at my skin
Werebeasts capable with claw and teeth
We hunger for human blood
Whoah oh oh oh oh Whoah oh oh oh oh oh
Hellbound children that go unseen
Whoah oh oh oh oh oh Whoah oh oh oh oh oh
Lost in the moment of lycanthropy

The air is thick with intent as the hunt draws near
Manimals of deadly strength, knowing no fear
Incensed affixed by the moon full behind the trees
We tear away at your flesh in mass carnality
They can they?
They can they?
They can change their shape (x4)

(repeat chorus)

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