Snoop Dogg Ready 2 Ryde Lyrics

(feat. Eve)

Keep it shaking, Cali keep it quaking
Cause the Ryders got me bringin home the bacon
Show me love, and it wasn't no mistakin
that I would dedicate this melody - f___ the hatin

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
I had to tell my girl to pack her s___
cause she slipped and dipped inside
I need a girl that's ready to ride
to keep the heater right by her side

Aiyyo, so what the deal Dogg, tell me, keep it real Dogg
n____z seem stressed to the brain, how you feel dogg?
n____ I'ma ride, set it up, let it spill Dogg
Anything you want, I can flip, got the skill Dogg

[Snoop Dogg]
Baby girl you so so-phisticated
Finance related, you graduated
to the next level in the game, wearin my name
Bad little brickhouse, go and do that thang

Yo - n____z surprised when they open they eyes
Thick in the thighs wasn't part of they plan
Not just his b____, I'm like his main man
Act shifty - your resistance gone swiftly
b____es mad at a n____, askin why he kissed me
Stop whinin, just to cry and get the mackin daddy
I don't like it when the angry chick is actin crabby
That's why he bagged me
Ghetto jewel, never loud and trashy
No stressin over chicks - problem? Bet I solve it fastly

[Chorus] - 2X

[Snoop Dogg]
We g_______ on these n____z like we 'posed to do
and I'll be d___ed if I let a b____ get close to you
We posted Boo - you, my, one and only
Quick to dump before the homies
Remember when that phony n____ ran up on me at the club?
You filled him up with slugs, that's what I call love
All that pushin and shovin, kissin and huggin
Thuggin, dig it, dug-in
I'm lovin every minute of it Boo
The way you stay true, and always kept your cool
You kept the heater right by your thigh
And when the s___ got hectic you was ready to ride
You didn't run out, when I pulled the gun out
That's what I'm talkin bout, no doubt
Ruff Rydin, Eastsidin, to the realest y'know
D-O-double-Gizze, you know how we get busy

Aiyyo, how could I leave a real n____? A real n____'s all I need
Fake b____es try to take my place, fall to they knees
Don't violate, see my man, he don't like no scrapes
And if I heard you was frontin I hope on the case
Wild one? Maybe, but I'ma protect my baby
Test me fool and by the end you gon' think I'm crazy
That's how I do for my Dogg, keep my (?) strong
Both sides relied on the s___, n____ sing the song

[Chorus] - 2X

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah.. hahah, E-V-E! D-O-double-Gizze! Y'know!
Ruff Rydin, Eastsidin! Foe life, ahh! Yeah..
And you thought it'd never happen
f___ the haters, bow wow!
Woof.. woof.. woof.. woof..
{*Dogg panting*} BEOTCH!
It's official now, yeah
We gon' Ruff Ryde up on out of here on this one
Eastside up Eastsidaz
Goldie Loc in the house
Lil' 1/2 Dead
DJ Jam, my n____ E, Davey Dave, uhh, misbehave
Give it to 'em Dogg
Whattup DMX? WOOF!
Master P? UNNNGHH!
Dr. Dre {*chronic inhaled sound*}
My nephew Scott on the beat
Illy Philly-delphia

{*sounding like a P-Funkster*}
It's another one, funky as they come
Evey Eve and Doggy Dogg

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