Steve Lawrence Footsteps Lyrics

Written by: Hank Hunter, Barry Mann
#7 Mar '60 Hot 100

Footsteps, footsteps, footsteps, footsteps,

Why did you say goodbye to me?
Now I'm as lonely as could be
And as I feel a teardrop fall
I hear your footsteps down the hall
Walkin' away from me

Why did you say goodbye?
Why did you make me cry?
Now, every day I wonder why
Why, oh why oh why oh

Footsteps, footsteps, footsteps, footsteps

You're such a haunting memory
I pray that you'll come back to me
But as I say my evening prayers
I hear your footsteps on the stairs
Walkin' away from me

[repeat CHORUS]

Footsteps, footsteps, footsteps, footsteps
Footsteps, footsteps, footsteps

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