Mugison Murr Murr Lyrics

I tried to do it quietly ah hm hm hm
Not a whisper more like a shock ah hm hm hm
I tried to disorganize neatly what to keep and what to block
ah hm hm hm
I shout like that old fly ah hm hm hm
In that window and wait hm
Wait for a finger to squeeze or will hesitate ah huh huh huh

Shout A,

There ain't no logic, there ain't no plain ah hm hm hm
No roads you can travel free from pain ah hm hm hm
I'm only shoulder, I'm only a kiss
good for comfort and cool for the - diss
The lord is my mom she's my save ah hm hm hm
I'm her troubled boy unto the grave ah hm hm hm
I pretend she is blessin' blessin' me
hopefully she'll save me from uh uh misery

Shout A

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