Attica! Attica! The Party Party Lyrics

"Dear Mr. Scott,
I recently got your letter supporting gay rights, and how you'd like me in the fight.
I send regrets to you and your friends, it's hard to hear because my ears are plugged with my own career ambitions.
Re-Elect me this November!
So sincerely,
-Your senator"

I think that this nation needs some invitations.
This coming friday, we're taking congress
With a strobe light, and a promise to reclaim democracy
With a righteous party!
At a big white house,
With plenty of couch s___e to crash if you get smashed
And the tennants are always on vacation.
I'm pretty sure that everyone is coming out to Washington.
We are constituants, this is their chance to represent.

So we stormed the floor of congress
Where there was an awkward silence
'Till Ted Kennedy crossed the isle
And said "I could go for a high-ball"
The people cheered and said "We'll take ya
To 1600 Pennsylvania!"
Orren Hatch is there to DJ
With Slayer into Public Enemy
Trent Lott showed up late with kid 'n play
Now this is really a house party
The keg is kicked but that is okay
I gave the beer money to Tom Delay

There's a donkey on the helipad doing rail lines with an elephant
Rick Sentorum's got his shirt off, I think he's grinding Michael Chertoff
We'll play dress up with Obama, He looks good in Bush's pajamas
Feinstein sure knows how to rage. She puked in Miss Beazley's cage.

When the cops come, go get Feingold.
He can treat them to some Rheingold.
"Hey! Who brought the Zima?"
"I think it was Scalia."
Looks like Leiberman sort of passed out, in the middle of a make out.
Tancredo's playing beer pong with illegal aliens. (hahaha)

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