Nile To Dream of Ur Lyrics

Desolate and Forsaken
Eerily Moaning Dark Winds

Murmur Incantations
Dusk Calls Forth Shadows
of the Glorious Dead

Bound to this Place
They Whisper of Untold Sagas
of Long Dead Cities
Seven Shining Cities
Sacred to the Aphkhallu

Of Ages Past when the World was Young
When Babylon was Blessed of Marduk
And the Sound of her Armies
Was the Blare of Ominous War Horns
And the Clash of Immortal Cymbals
Of Bronze Gates Arrayed in Splendour
Magnificent Walls of Sunbaked Brick

Temples of Marble
and Bloodstained Altars
Long Before the Jeweled Throne of Ur
Fell Silent and Turned to Dust
Beneath the Endless Shifting Sands
And the Inevitable Vengeance of the Elements

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