X-ecutioners feat Linkin Park Its Goin Down Full Lyrics

Watch them flee... watch them flee
Rap rap rap up
Watch them flee
Hip-Hop hits
And you do it like this

[Mike Shinoda]
[Verse 1]
It's going down
The rhythm projects 'round the next sound
Reflects the complex hybrid dialect now
Detects the mesh of many elements compressed down
The melting pot of a super-futuresque style
The combination of vocal caress
With lungs the gasp for breath
From emotional stress
With special effects
And a distorted collage
Carefully lodged between beats of rhythmic barrage

[Pre-chrus x2:]
It's going down
The logical progression on the timeline
The seperation narrowed down to a fine line
To blur the edges so they blend together properly
Take you on an audible odyssey
Now it's going down

[Chorus x2(X-ecutioners with Mike Shinoda):]
Put it out for the world to see
LP and X-Men to the 10th degree (It's goin down)
Nobody in the world is safe
When we melt down the wax in your record crate (It's going down)

[Mike Shinoda]
[Verse 3]
Once again it is
Composed sentences
All together venomous
The four elements of natural force
Projected daily through the sound of the source
Everybody on board as we blend
The sword with the pen
The mightiest the weapons
Swinging right from the chin
To elevate of mental states
Long gone with the wind
To defend men from shoddy imitation pretends
It's going down
Style a__imilation readily
Trekking through the weaponry
Of the pure pedigree
Cleverly seeing through whatever is ahead of me
Whatever the weather be
We invent the steadily
It's going down sub-terrestrial high
I rhyme regiment that's calling the shots
Exectution of colloborative plots
Ready to bring the seperation of style to a stop


[Chorus (X-ecutioners with Mike Shinoda)]

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