Kenziner Into The Light Lyrics

Step into the light...
I hear the voice call from another day
I close my eyes slow, is this her home?
I reach my heart out for another sign
The cabdles blow out, we're all alone
I've counted all days, through all years
!'ve always wondred why, you seemed so near
Step into the light...into the light
Step into the light...look into
Look into my eye, look through my soul
It's forever, soon you will know
As you are today, so I once was
As I am today, you will become
[repeat 2]</i>
Am I dreaming, or am I awake
Please don't leave me, no not again
Well I shall follow, wherever you will go
I know the answer to bring the end
As you are today, I now will be
As we go today, we shall be free
[repeat 2]</i>

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