Akosh So Much Larger (Than Life) Lyrics

My name is Akosh
Let me entertain you!

You´re awakened by the morning sun
It breaks through the clouds
Through the windows
It chases you out of bed and you can sense
That outside a chilly cold wind blows
Daybreak´s here washed by tireless waves
You´re staring into the light with naked eyes
You´re dazzled by the sorrow
Will you be here tomorrow
It´s no use asking the crimson skies

Because it´s
So much
Than Life
It´s death

There´s mercy in the melody of the ancient chant
By which the still of the church is broken
But ruthless is the morning
It makes you start to wonder
How many of your words are left unspoken
And suddenly what do you see
You catch sight of your own shadow on the wall
For the morning sun should mean life to everyone
It´s death what your shadow stands for

Because it´s
So much
Than Life
It´s death

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