In-Quest The Comatose Quandary Lyrics

We're Left behind
Wondering why, it's all a tragedy
With this unbearable misery

The Comatose Quandary...

Unconsciousness in a profound state of mind
Through the emptiness in cold blank eyes
Deep asleep but still awake, without awareness
What was happening around you
Floating away to a better place
We could not see it in your face
Could you hear us when we spoke your name?
Before you faded away...

We're dead inside
Still wondering why, it was a tragedy
This unexplainable mystery

The Comatose Quandary...

No response
Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?
Where are you now?
Passing through to the other side
No more pain

Persistent vegetative state of mind


The Comatose Quandary...

Traumatic subdural haemorrhage
Bleeding through, finally ending the pain.
(WHC) You will be missed!!

Feat: Michael Bogballe/Mnemic on guest vocals.

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