Blood for Blood Enter the Criminal Mind Lyrics

i turned my back on society when society turned it's back on me
i'll be an ememy of this world until the day i f___in die

i am of the mind and the opinion that if something doesn't accept you...
you do everything in your power to f___ing destroy it.
i don't care if it's the world, society, your family or a f___ing high school
keg party.
you do everything you can to hit back...and strike back.
let go of some of that f___ing hatred
i wanna poison this world the way it f___in poisoned me.
i'm gonna do everthing, EVERYTHING in my power to corrupt, to twist, to
destroy, to rip apart, to poison.
i'm gonna spit my last breath in all your faces.
you're gonna hear me laughin at the end.
f___ you.
this is all about revenge on society you f___s

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