Wu Tang Clan Chrome Wheels Lyrics

[Hook: Madame D]
Woke up this morning, smoked some sticky green to get me started
Choclate thai, all in my eye, I'm never broken-hearted
Bang us in ya cars, bang us in ya Jeep, bang that s___ r_____ed

[Intro: 12 O'Clock (RZA)]
(Bob Digi) Sun Zeini
(P. Sunn) 12 O'Clock
Two On Da Road on this (12 O'Clock)
I love my brother to death
(That old hip-hop, catch this)
(Hot Nix', you know? Big t__s)

[12 O'Clock]
I love my brother to death, n____ p____ to the rest
Shared a pair of Guess and an Eddie Bauer vest
A b____ named Celeste
I met her when I was goin to cash a Def Jam check
She had some big a__ b______
I had to catch her like a shortstop on the Mets
A n____ high off a dime from Gates and Best
Remember grandmother live on Louis and Lex
I remember Dirt Dog crashed his white Lex
I remember me and Meth won a dice game against Ghost and Deck
Remember Portland had Clyde Drex'
Remember 12 O'Clock is a vet
Big Dogs we put 'em to sleep, keep 'em on a leash
I move like days in a week
n____z don't know the face and names on my teeth
n____z carry a cold piece, and separate the heat
Ain't scared of the m_________in police

Yo, yo
Guns jammed up, I'm cramed up in my lab
Six n____z, six b____es, two fifths and eight bags
One toilet, three weedheads, an alcoholic
And two n____z hooked on p____
And in the corner, was this brother who would study his lessons
And learned how operate the Smith and the Wesson
Still cut class and played hookey
Threw freshmens in garbage cans, gave 'em nookies
Rolled the, back of the bus with a gun in his socks
Big forehead, had ears like Spock
He was mightier than a truckload of gats
And bound to make a b____ c__ in six minutes flat

What up kid? Stay livin
Seen you look good, you look live in ya linen
And you survived ninth innin
The hood got us off the prop without women
All my n____z that ride that provide to the end of this

[Madame D]
Ain't nothin but the real, yeah
Ain't nothin but the real
Ain't nothin but the real, yeah
Million dollar deals, rollin on Chrome Wheels

Yeah, uh-huh, yeah (Ain't nothin but the real)
This one's on P. Sunn, word up? Yeah, uh-huh

We gamble the dice, remain humble, scramble through the jungle of life
While the we rumble with the foul and trife
Shots fired on the block in threes like Glen Rice
Made men think twice about the sacrifice
Black on white, write it for the world to hear
Write it for my fam who not here who do care
Glance and stare, why when you can't compare?
From the bottom of my feet to the end of my hair
Move rear, cop the blue steel bare, groove to the snare
Bass and drums, see my face in the slums
Pedia Brown, media surround my sound
When you see me in the hood of ya town, respect my sound
Sample with black, criminal, mechanical rap
a__emblin hat, laced in a suit from Phat
Two On Da Road, got them b____es screamin, "Who Dat?"
Two with the plaques, two with the gats, it's like that


[Madame D]
Two On Da Road, Bobby Digital
He's a gangsta, yeah
No, no, no, no, no, no
Live it up, live it up
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no


[Outro: Prodical *over Madame D's singing*]
Bang us in ya Jeeps
Shaolin! Bobby Digital
Uh-huh, Sunn who?
Haha! Yeah!
Get that money y'all
Get that money y'all
Get that money y'all
Shout in pain
Uh-huh, yeah
Weed blazin, cocoa hazin, cocoa hazin

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