Cappadonna Cap Is Back Lyrics

(feat. Lounge Mode)

[Intro: Lounge Mode (Cappadonna)]
Yo yo yo yo yo (Guess who's back?)

[Chorus: Lounge Mode]
Aiyo I thought I told y'all before that Cap is Back
And the b____es in the club said Cap is Back
I got them thugs over there that said Cap is Back
And them Bloods over there who said Cap is Back

I don't have to tell y'all n____z how it is in Da Struggle
Police chasin' me down, n____z start to bubble
Cracks and Blood n____z in the huddle
It's rainin' cats and dogs, and kids in the puddles
We still in the game like Poppy, Chad and P-Double
Hard-headed n____z causin' the trouble
Stank-ho n____z wanna see n____z behind the bubble
So they could start f___in' ya man
s___e Invadin' a__ n____z takin' up land
Tryin' to understand my ill pain
No matter what you do I'ma still gain in Da Struggle
(f___ you, double, n____z shoot dope in the game
This s___ is serious)


Aiyo it's not a game
You play chess with life, end up in the flame
Y'all snakes is five dollars and I'm about to make change
Out of devious chicks and n____z that lack brains
I'm on a whole 'nother level, kid feel me
Yeah, n____, it's the real me
The project roaches, hoodrats, the broke TV
You can't see me
And let it be known that, any pretty a__ chicks, n____? I want that
Voodoo a__ b____es get thrown back
You can't dethrown Cap
Stay focused on the regular
Be in the Hoopty with a shorty on the cellular
Lovin' my project like Nelson Mandella
Or the church love Christ, just pass the paper
Everything be alright, from Da Struggle
(Uh-huh, you two faced m_________ers)


[Interlude: Cappadonna]
Y'all don't like me and I don't like none of y'all n____z

You don't have to ask twice, I'm still in the Hill
Been all around the world, it's hard to pay bills
What you think? That Da Stuggle ain't real?
Rappers don't murder s___, n____z won't get killed?
You just a baby on an E. pill
And I'm ill with the skill
Shake the po-po off me
Runnin' f___in' the ho's, f___ how y'all n____z feel
I'm too official
Any time, n____, I could come get you
You shook while you got sickle
Brothers amongst brothers
Stay to make babies but they not wit you
Bleed with you, they snitch for the police too
Reptiles in the Benzo
The come adept, what they still do to ya c___
Struggle with this

[Interlude: Cappadonna (Lounge Mode)
Come on (y'all comin' real fast, push the love
I'm killin' you) To all y'all n____z out there
Yeah (go with y'all man, go with y'all)


[Outro: Cappadonna (Lounge Mode)]
Right in ya balloon you two-faced b____
(Right in ya balloon, we got Skeero with us)
Yeah, I used to love y'all n____z
(Skeero is wit us man
Yo how ever y'all wan' do it man)
Now when I see you (when I see you
I see you, you could be me man
Ain't nothin' man) n____z speak in codes
(It's right here)

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