Novembers Doom Suffer The Red Dream Lyrics

I can see the twilight
and the twisted shadows it creates.
I can hear the heartbeat
of lifes lost sorrow.
Never once can one man dream
the absence of a holy shrine.
Eating dirt to fill this void
that remains empty and dry.

Liquid from my tears
that plummet for eternity,
help to drown the flowers
and sprout yet another cry.
For all these fallen angels
and the Gods in which they serve,
where will they go
when it all comes crashing down?

Your smile doesn't help me
and your laughter holds no joy.
I never asked for your pity,
or your worthless love.
All of this means nothing
to a heart that does not beat,
for this is no salvation
and the darkness shrouds my face.

In between this granite frown
and a smile made from blood,
the placement of my hands
shall cover my eyes of black.
No words can leave my mouth
for my throat is coarse and dry,
and my legs quake beneath me,
falling before my pain.

Kneel before the suffering
and cover your face with earth.
Smother yourself with elegance
and dream the dream of red.

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