Enter Shikari Anything Could Happen In The Next Half Hour Lyrics

His eyes are locked on her,
Her eyes are fixed elsewhere,
He's confident, but he's not aware,
She doesn't care.

Their only connection,
Is the silence that they both grasp,
He's lost control, but she's not aware,
Of his stare.

Everything seems to intimidate him,
With the strobe lights flashing, her body's jolting,
But cracking, as his eyes,
Spilt in two, if only she knew.

The curtain goes down on him again.

Everything seems to be closing in on her,
It feels just like she is being hunted,
But its all right, it's all good,
She's not aware, of his stare.

We've had this date from the beginning.
[Anything can happen in the next half hour.]

The curtain goes down on him again.
Who remains when the curtain falls?
Who remains when the curtain goes down?

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