t.i. look what i got Lyrics

[ad lib]
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
You think them n____z is hot
Well shawty look what I got
(n____ look what I got)
You think I'm lying n____
Look what I got
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Shawty look what I got
Ay, pimpin look what I got
Look what I got
My n____ look what I got

[Verse One]
Big wheels still spin when I stop
Presidential roll, gold rolex watch
With no rocks
I save them for the pinky
Keep you n____z blinkin'
He ain't wearin' platinum, Naw
But I keep you n____z thinking
Mink seats sure to keep a n____ sinkin'
Swear he ain't slangin'
But I know that n____ creepin'
Got a condo, in Orlando
For the weekend
Homes be so crunk in the club
We gotta sneak in
No more room in the V.I.P
They payin' just to peek in
When they leave
They be lookin in a car
They can't even see in
And that's just the
In the city that he in
He was rappin' in the cafeteria
But now that n____ serious
Heard he got a CL, a EXT on Spreewells
Several Chevy's on 24's
(Hold up), "how many records he sell?"
Man I don't know
But he got a label now
Them boys, the PSC (hell)
I heard Atlantic gave 'em a deal for
2 or 3 mill. (ay, shawty)
(for real n____?)

Look what I got
A old school, a truck and a drop
So next time you think them n____z is hot
Shawty, look what I got
The respect of the n____z and G's
So next time you say them n____z is G's
You probably lookin' at me
A what, we ballin'
Bought the bar for the broads
So next time you think them n____z is hard
Shawty, look at the squad
I'm buyin' yachts, have the streets on lock
So next time you think yo' peeps on top
Pimpin, look what I got

[Verse Two]
I'm well known in the hood
Like the dope man phone number
Roll anything I can throw some 24's under
n____ talk bad 'bout the man
But I shole wonder
Why the dope boys f___ with 'em
And the hoes love 'em
Very little promotions on this album
Never heard of 'em
But it's jammin' like the f___
Was jumpin' out the stores
'cause I was born in the raid
and I'm made in the streets
I done played in the days
In the shade in the streets
I say I rapped in the trap
With the best in the streets
Shot c___s in the back
You know the rest, n____ please
You doin' business with me
You best invest in some skills
I sell slopes of snow
I don't f___ with little blow n____
Got 80 k's, it's gone take a little more (to what?)
To double up and bring it back
And make a little more (You movin' slow)
And movin slow, now what you take a n____ for?
I'ma c___ hammers and 44's
And nail yo a__ to the floor
And I ain't braggin', I'm just letting n____z know
'cause the media and radio can get a n____ so
f___ed up
Comparin' me to these n____z little flow
I do a song
f___ up they whole little show (so shawty)


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