Barstool Prophets Robin's Song Lyrics

C#m: X46650
Bsus: 799800
Asus: 577600
F#sus: 244300
E: 022100

C#m Bsus Asus
C#m Bsus Asus F#sus

C#m Bsus Asus (about eight times)
Asus F#m
"And she couldn't stop its flight"

Bsus Asus C#m (about 3 times)
Asus F#sus
"... She sang Robins Song"

E F#sus Asus
"Late one night...."

E F#sus Asus Bsus (picked)
"..... lost and alone, with a life like slow suicide"

She was the most innocent by far
She'd never ran a light, nor told a lie
Nor even seen a falling star
She walked through her world with a ringing in her ears
It was a sound thet dampend all of her hopes
And heightened all her fears
The sound was caused by and angry voice, loud in the night
And she knew no matter what she did
She couldn't stop it's flight
Oh, and her life was so confused
All of her nights were filled with pain
And she knew she was being used
Oh, but he was just to strong
And as he held her down with words of hate
She sang the Robin's song

He was a villain dressed in black
With a disposition harsh enough
To send shivers down her back
He turned his on her for spite
As he sowed his oats in other fields
Almost each and every night
Sure, it was okay for him to fool around
But if he saw her eye on another guy
He'd want to knock her six feet underground
Oh, and he was so short fused
All his days were filled with wine
And substances abused
Oh, it had been going on so long
And as he stumbled towards her, left hand raised
She sang the Robin's song

Late one night by the riverside
She told her problems to me
How her life was slow suicide
I never knew how cruel a person could be
He ruled her life with an iron fist
And kept her away from her friends
She asked me when it would ever end
Will it ever end?

I listened very close that night
And for the life of me, I couldn't see
Why she didn't try to fight
I knew I could not prolong her misery
For it was clear to me, from the way she talked,
That he would soon be history
The very next day I saw them walking hand in hand
And as she passed me by I caught her eye,
And saw that he was still her man
Oh, I guess some people just can't change
Through lack of will, they just stand still
Though their live may be so strange
Oh, and they don't know right from wrong
But when their in a corner, no way out,
They sing Robin's song

Every night that I pass that riverside
I get angry just knowing that she
Is lost and alone, with her life like slow suicide

Thats it thats all!!!
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