Devics Powerless Lyrics

hey, we could do you feel this night
you should give something too
i just might go walking outwards
please take my legs
my leap is useless without him
see he holds me like no one does
i wish you weren't gone
my love has gone and left me alone
or have i left
hey, in the dream garden i'll wait
wait for you
show yourself, i do, to show you
that i'm old, i've failed, i'm scared
i have no wind, i have no will, i am alone
but you know that i always try
i wish you weren't gone
my love is gone and left me alone, i'm alone
or have i left
show the side that you show no one
overpower me
show your love and give her something
that she won't forget
you start i'll follow
you love her you leave

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