GZA Uncut Material Lyrics

[Chorus: GZA]
What you know about emceein? (I know a lot)
Can you demonstrate something? (Why not?)
I'm speaking about stacks, GZA (That's all I got)
The raw un-cut material (That's all I drop)

The nucleus of hip hop, rap's hallmark
They had a citywide effort to keep us in the dark
To the new details, distant wisp of light
Evidence of a terrifying threats on microphone
Rhyme stone, numerous parts combine
Strands of heavy metal form the steel arch design
Fit together seamlessly, everlasting rap
Heat-pressure generated by a blasted cap
The chamber when ya rollin' the dice everything
Clan royalty where the loyalty is paramount
Couldn't be more wrong prior to your perusings
When ya spoke of us, you understated the
As I bury my motor-action, implode a fraction
Of ya investigation when ya askin
Aware about in ya suit and tie, cruising by

The intrepid workmen that sharpen ya shooting eye

[Chorus 2x]

Like a child I have infinite patience when I
The victim's dental records showed they loved to
The under like removed off a charged battery
Someone had his ear stuffed wit the sweets of
A live wire, fired the shot in the booth
It wasn't even in the shooting distance of truth
Who broke the barrier causing mass hysteria?
At the darkest hour in the most densed area
In a stocking cap, undercover, while disguising
I'm rapidly advancing our horizons
This path of trade with the sharp blade, open to
all across the globe
They simply heard my call
We hit up, the remote and primitive land
Left walking reminders that saw it first-hand
The music was a secure link we all think
On the same page as holding the ink, now whatchu

[Chorus 2x]

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