Kid Rock Classic Rock Lyrics

Well guess whos back, with a big fat c___
Its the Kid m_________er with the Classic Rock
Like Wax That Booty, yodeleyeho, punk
Slappin you hoes with d___ when I get drunk
From Alabama, to Texacana
Bend over b____ and let me slam her
Big fat d___ up in your booty, oh goody
If your a freaky hoe, well do the backdoor boody
Dont need your front
You'de s___ your pants if I licked your c___
f___in in the can, f___in in the showers
I got more hoes then my man Ed Powers
I wont send flowers at the f___in (???)
You can bet your a__ I'll be screaming (???)
I dont really need to be tied down
Im a rancid man and I'll slap the bells
When I was on the hunt rippin hoes apart
And I f___ so hard I make their p____ fart
Do the hip-hip-hop yep it dont stop
Im back, b____, with the Classic Rock
Now if you wanna be f___ed then step up, b____
Im gonna pack my d___ all up in your s___
Now I dont like rubbers, they hold me back
Instead a hoe like (???) would rock that back
I wont cut slack for the stuck up hoes
Here, my prime turn up their nose
Slimmy on a slit, try to tell me how to shake
An' when I trop my drawers and shove up my d___
Huh, you know thats true
I got a pocket full of pills and a bottle of brew
Got a hole Nig Sue in one dang pants
f___ed em both at the same time
Playin shows, f___in hoes
Got the dope in my veins and up my nose
I want some hoes I can mack on
Kid Rock, an' I get more p____ then a tamp-on
Kid, to the clip, to the grip, to the flip
Stood back, to the slap, to my nuts in your b___
Yeah dont stop, because Im back with the Classic Rock
You put my b____ in your mouth, and you dont stop
You put my b____ in your mouth

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