Turbonegro Drenched In Blood (D.I.B.) Lyrics

It's a tidal wave, a tidal wave
it's a tsunami, of blood!

[Verse 1:]
Blood in your nose, blood in your eyes, blood in your mouth
blood in your face, blood every day
blood in your hair, blood everywhere,
blood on the scene, blood where you've been
much more blood than you ever have seen.

When your eye's all crazy and your mind's all hazy, now
Drenched in blood again
When you're drowning in blood like a rat in a flood, now
you're drenched in blood again
when it's raining from the sky and you know you're gonna die, now
drenched in blood again and again

[Verse 2:]
blood on your feet blood on your meat
blood in your seat blood on your lens
On your Merces-Benz
blood on your back blood in your sack
blood in your crack blood on your tracks
much more blood than you can ever pay back


You wanted blood and now you got it
hey it's only natural and now you got it, and now you got it


1,2,3,4 (alotta whoos)
Drenched in blood!

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