Twista I know Lyrics

(DJ Clue:)
New Twista..... We Call this one I know....
Shouts out to RPM my n____ Jay One,
Al Lindstrom, E. Mitchell
Ya'll know what the deal is Com'on.....

(Twista in the Background):"Ya'll know how were supposed to get high...!!!!"

I'm rollin on them thangs I'm steady spendin change
Them n____s know me as Twista kicking the flow is strange
Liffy come with the sticky I got two b____es wid me
We about to roll through yo city and we steady sippin crissy-

(Liffy Stokes)
-Smoking nuttin but green fo-five under my wing
Wachaya need to serve a feen homey strokes got everythang
Nine half and hoes just keep roll with blows
Whatava u need I gotchu bra just let me know

-Cops who coops from the locks stoke eyed and dropped the top
For the flip flop pain on my we both roll this breeze through the block
Don't let me see you with curtains only my peoples is workin'
Gotta peace on my person while I'm lurkin' to keep you from servin'-

(Liffy Stokes)
-Ya'll remember the days when our crew was a dream
Remember the sawbuck sacks remember I took fo fifteens
b____es was worse then feens n____s was scared like b____es
Cuz we was thirsty go-getters that was gonna kill for b____es

Liffy stokes is a hustler and Twista is a balla
I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know
Them n____s got them thangs and them n____s got them dollas
I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know
Don't come unless u gangsta' don't come unless u killa'
I Wont I Wont I Wont I Wont I Wont I Wont
Them n____s got them cars'n trucks and bicycle-wheelers
I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know

f___ rocks and blows got cocaine that I got-ta unload
Got flocks of ho's all haters feel the glocks explode
Like PAC I'm the mode Ima ride on these b____es till they bust me
Push your wig back like a dusty f___ up with toxic track cause it's musty

(Liffy Stokes)
Liffy's rollin that dro still throwin them fo's
In a duggy its closed with a lack full of hoe's
With a yak for two bowl's got Twista stared makin them hoe's
We beat the p____ up but still might spend a stack on two O's now that's a gangsta-

-Some say Twista's the s___ and some say Twista's the nicest
n____s wonder if a gang bang ever did I would be equal resided
Cause I got love for my Lords and I got love for my Folks
And the BDs, Bridge Kings and Stones and two six box o's and ohh

(Liffy Stokes)
-Can't for get my fallen solders Gee's that were sacrificial
I pray they rest in peace but I still got to do my thug puzzle
Too much weight on my shoulders n____s just dream and die
So we gotsta pull an extra seed for the one's who tried


In the 'lac on dubs pay the valleys and I got in club
In da back of the club with a strap in the club
And a sack for the thugs and some ex for the b____es making s__ delicious
Tax for the riches is the b____ on my tattoo's suspicious-

(Liffy Stokes)
-Fool I'm heated and plugged one with them g's and them gurls
And them haters and thugs cycles like daemons on drugs
Got them screaming from slugs your mob is naturally fake
Fill the circle up with ugaly aguly hagaly ayyy-

(Liffy Stokes)
-I'm too s__y with a gun I'm too lazy to run
Am I too crazy to let a n____ jump off in his gun
I owe you one cause Mom say's get even
The war ain't never over 'til somebody starts breathing, b____!!!!

-Shieeet, you ain't known no g from the hood, tubule this but its all good
Could say your name but you won't come up on 3 state doe'n'wood
And we gonn stay on tour make our pace Ain't no body bang y'all weak tapes
Ya'll say; "Yah but now we gone" we gonna say; "the beat got it out, we strait"


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